How To Future Proof Your Life

The world is rapidly changing and today when you look to the future you realise that many of us will need to work longer, there is now less job security than there once was, and you have to adapt to new ways of working and living. The freelance and gig economy is expanding, people are working more flexibly, and more people are opting for short-term freelance contracts rather than permanent jobs.

Artificial Intelligence, robotics, 3-D printing, and other developments are starting to transform business and industry and will continue to do so, creating new opportunities. So, as the world changes, how can you make sure that you are safe and that you and your life is future-proofed. This isn’t just about saving money, getting life insurance and inheritance tax planning, but it is about future-proofing yourself as a whole and here are a few ways you can do that:

Become Indispensable

You need to be better than a computer so that one can’t replace you. But how can you do this? How do you do that? First of all, you need to make yourself an expert in what you’re good at but more so, make yourself an expert in something else too. It might seem tempting to keep your knowledge and skills to yourself so that no one can replace you, however, sharing information and cross-training your colleagues makes you a far more valued worker who will not be easily replaced. This attitude is very beneficial to a company and makes life easier for everyone instead of creating a sense of panic and emergency.

As well as the work side of things, investing time in building strong working relationships and having a reputation for being reliable is essential to be indispensable. Making yourself an invaluable part of your business community, making unique contributions, and looking for innovative ways to add value will ensure a higher chance of your company supporting you.

Get To Know Yourself

It is so important to know your own strengths and weaknesses and not to think you are just great at everything as this has no value to anyone. Self-knowledge is understanding things like what your philosophy of work is? What is the point of working? What makes life worth living? What matters to you? What has meaning for you? What are you naturally good or talented at? What does success look like for you? Who does a successful person look like? What makes you happy? What makes you feel good? What gives you energy? What drains it? What do you need to live? Financially, physically, emotionally? What do you honestly and deeply want from life? What do you dream of?

Learn How to Learn

Learning doesn’t stop after school, but learning how to learn is key to your future. According to technologist Kevin Kelly in his book The Inevitable: “learning how to learn” is the uber meta-skill that sits above any other skill. Kevin says: “instead of trying to predict the next big thing, become insanely good at learning how to learn whatever new technology or skill becomes interesting and important.” Luckily it’s never been an easier or cheaper time to learn as you can get everything you need to know from the click of a button.

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