How to Succeed as a Pharmacy Student

There’s much to love about choosing pharmacy as your profession, but it’s also true that it’s not always the easiest industry to break into! If you’re going to find success, then you’ll need to ensure that you excel while you’re learning your trade at university. If there’s one thing that pharmacy students know, it’s that it’s far from the easiest subject in the world, but, of course, it shouldn’t be. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at a few key tips that’ll ensure you can find success.

Find Your Note-Taking System

Notes, notes, notes. Oh, there are going to be so many notes for you to take. In many ways, it’ll be the strength of your notetaking that’ll have the biggest influence on how well you do during your studies. People who don’t figure out the notetaking system that fits their style of learning typically find that they’re always playing catchup. Plus, it’s much easier to absorb the mega amounts of information that will come your way as a pharmacy student if you can look at your notes and have the information sink in.

Carve Out the Right Home Space

Studying pharmacy is pretty intense, round the clock endeavour. It’s less a course that you take, more a lifestyle that you step into. One of the more underrated ways to make your studying all the more straightforward is to ensure you have the perfect home space for your needs. There’s a wide range of student accommodation available, so it’s worthwhile taking a look at what’s on offer and then selecting the one that’s right for your needs. Some people prefer to live with other people, while others prefer to live on their own. Ultimately, you’ll find that it’s much easier to succeed with your studies when you’re staying in a place that you love!

Reading Ahead of Lectures

You’ll find that you’re able to learn so much more during your lectures if you read up on the topic ahead of time. When you’re going into a lecture blind, it can take you a while to get up to speed and to understand what they’re talking about. By reading ahead, you’ll already have some information that can provide the framework for learning more. Now, we’re not saying you should read essay after essay on the topic; it’s more about having a brief familiarity with the topic before you arrive.

Studying and Socialising With Others

There’s one thing you’ll learn as a pharmacy student: your fellow pharmacy students are invaluable! Whether it’s studying together or going for a few drinks during your downtime, it’s really recommended that you get to know your fellow students — they can make the whole journey of being at university all the more rewarding. They’ll pick you up when it’s all beginning to feel overwhelming, and will be there to celebrate the good times with you too. And of course, you should do your part to ensure that your fellow students are doing well too.

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