Is Education The Key To A Better Career?

Education is the key to a lot of things. It’s the key to a brighter future, more opportunities, and it most definitely is the key to a better career. The doors it can open career wise could potentially change your life, yet so many focus on bettering their career, rather than their education.

Some people switch from job to job, hoping to find a career that will suit them the most, when in reality, they’re just not going to find it. So if you want to know how your education can unlock the door to a better career, here’s why and how you can do it!

Better Training

The first key that education offers is better training. Don’t think of going back into education as going back to school. There are some courses that will develop the knowledge you already have, allowing you to climb the ladder of success.

For example, the Excel gurus over at STL will be able to tell you how much value such as a simple bit of training will give you when trying to move to a higher position. Plus, these courses don’t always last a lifetime, so pick yours wisely! Now, you can either take on an educational course whilst you’re in the position you’re in, or, if the course is pretty big, you could try going part time to make sure you get the most out of the education you’re receiving.

If you want to stay within the company you work for at the minute, this might be easier as they’ll understand why you have to drop your hours. If you’re going part-time with the view of joining a new company, you might benefit from leaving the role and going to a different company. You will have more flexibility with your hours, and they’re not going to be as bothered if you’re only with them short term.

Better training is always going to lead to a better understanding of the job you’re looking to go into, which is always going to put you ahead of the other people going for the job.

Better CV

The more your CV has on it, the more eyes you’re going to attract. When you first right your CV, most likely when you’re leaving school, you’ll have your school grades and a bit of work experience on that. So, from then on, you need to think of it as a portfolio. Build up your information, and always add to it. Do volunteer work as well as extra courses to boost your education. The more random qualifications you have, the better you’re going to be able to do.

High Prospects

Your prospects are going to be high. You’ll have multiple different options with the career that you want to do, and these options are only going to grow if you keep adding to your education portfolio. The more qualified you are, the higher you’re going to be able to go. Allow yourself time to add to your education portfolio, don’t focus on work and miss out on opportunities!

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