Learning A Culture Before Paying A Visit

Humans have been around for a very long time. Throughout the centuries, civilisations have risen and fallen around the world, creating a diverse and wide range of different cultural ideas. In some parts of the world, certain types of clothing are considered wildly offensive. While, in others, simply trying to stop someone from wearing what they want is considered wrong, and this is the case for loads of different areas.

When you pay somewhere a visit, it’s incredibly important that you spend the time to learn the intricate details of the culture calling it home, and this post is going to be helping you to understand why.


While the rules you may have to follow in one place compared to another can differ so much, it’s important to remember that people take their culture very seriously. Having spent their entire lives being told that something is right or wrong, seeing a guest break these rules can often cause great offence, and this isn’t what you want to be doing when you’re on a trip. Instead, you should be working hard to show your hosts the respect they deserve.

It doesn’t matter that your ideas are different, as you will be in someone else’s home, and would probably expect the same level of care from people visiting your country.

The Risks

Of course, though, this sort of issue goes much further than simply insulting people. In some cultures, breaking rules which seem basic by your standards can often have a lot of fallout, with people risking punishments like imprisonment if they don’t obey the laws in place.

For example, a lot of Islamic countries require that women cover a certain amount of their body. In the West, issues like this are often considered dated, and people will wear as little or as much as they want. With this logic applied to a country like Saudi Arabia, though, you could easily find yourself in a prison cell for the transgressions you’ve made.

Learning What You Need

Thankfully, in the age of the internet, it’s nice and easy to avoid punishment when you visit somewhere with strict rules. A quick browse can reveal answers to questions like do I need a visa for Umrah, should I take my medicine with me, and can I have a drink or two on my visit. Along with searching, though, you can also find places to ask questions a little more directly. For example, a lot of people like to use forums and message boards, and these websites are great when you’re trying to find answers to cultural questions.

Respect is very important whenever you’re travelling around the world. Most people will find it hard to see someone breaking the rules which they’ve spent their whole life living by, especially when religion plays a part in it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be scared, though, as there are loads of resources to help you out, and the company which you book your trip through will often give you a guide if you’re going somewhere with a lot of risk.

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