Maths Past Papers To Support Your Child’s Education

Maths past papers are an essential part of maths exam preparation at school. However, they can also be invaluable in the home. Spending time familiarising yourself and your child with past exam papers is good practice for several reasons, including reducing the fear and anxiety that is often associated with sitting exams. When children are introduced to exams and exam conditions as part of a routine, they have less to fear when the actual exam arrives.

For parents who have limited mathematics knowledge, or struggle to explain concepts to their children, these papers offer a way to support the child’s education without additional strain at home.

Reduce Stress with Maths 11 Plus Past Papers

Many parents remember the stress and anxiety of walking into an exam room for the first time. For the lucky few who were prepared, this feeling soon subsided, and routine and good practice took over. For the rest, the entire exam period remained a battle between knowledge and nerves. No one wants to think of their children going through the same experience, and that is where maths 11 plus assessment papers and online tests come in. By experiencing past maths 11 Plus questions and sample papers, both at home and at school, children become familiar with the type of questions that could be asked and the layout of the paper itself.

They also have an opportunity to experience how long the questions take to answer, the type of workings that are required, and the strategies needed to achieve the answers under time restraints. However, this cannot be achieved if past maths exam papers are not introduced to the child until just before the exams. Exam preparation takes time, especially if it is to become second nature. That is why more parents are turning to maths past papers providers, rather than to home tutors. It is a cost-effective solution to getting access to the exam preparation that is required, without the constraints of relying on a tutor once a week.

Fill In The Gaps In Your Knowledge With 11 Plus Maths Exam Papers

Tutors, educational support websites, and past paper providers were once seen as the exclusive domain of the ubiquitous pushy parent. However, times have changed, and more parents than ever before are seeing the benefits of providing educational support for their children outside of the school environment. Amongst these parents are those who struggled at school themselves and for whom 11 Plus maths exam papers still create feelings of fear. For these parents, past exam papers provide a way to support their children, while overcoming their own concerns over exams and gaps in their own knowledge.

These gaps may have previously stopped them from being fully engaged in their child’s learning. Being able to work through a past exam paper, provided by a company who also offer full video or online support, is a definite benefit. Children learn better from positive role models and when they experience support in the home. Past 11 Plus maths papers that offer solutions and full workings are one way that parents who have their own difficulties with learning can provide this support. Parents can offer the required support, without fear of getting answers wrong or passing on the wrong information. Any answers given can be easily checked; workings can be looked over and mistakes rectified without adding to the anxiety levels of parents or children.

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