Moving House Like A Pro

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful job, and often it will take days, if not weeks to fully move everything over to your new home and find the right place for them in the space. If you are moving home this year, here are some of the ways you can make the job stress free and move into your new home like a pro!

Think security

If you decide to look for the Cheapest Mover in your local area to help you move your things: this can significantly reduce the stress you go through during the move. However, by entrusting your items to someone else it is important to consider security. Make sure to wrap up your valuable items with other items- and don’t allude to the contest of your boxes. It is always safer to be prepared and make sure that you protect your stuff.

Transit insurance

When you move things from one home to another with a professional company it is important to make sure you get yourself some transit insurance. This makes sure that if any damage is done to your furniture or other belongings during the trip, you will get the money back in order to buy yourself a replacement. This can be a safer option than if you take the items yourself because you will be covered if anything goes wrong.

Survival kit

The day you move will likely be a huge rush around and you will barely get the chance to breathe, let alone eat anything. Make sure you pack yourself a lunch before the day with food, drinks and some plates and cutlery if you need it. This way you’ll have something to keep your energy up throughout that first day.


When you move into a new home you will have to go to the estate agents to pick up your keys. If you only get one set of keys given to you on the first day you will need to make sure that you get multiple sets cut. If you want to be super secure, it is wise to change the locks completely and get new locks for yourself and your family. This will ensure that the previous owner doesn’t have the keys to open your home, or that anyone they know doesn’t have a set either.

Take it slow

It is important to bear in mind that you don’t have to unpack every single item in your home in the first few days of moving in. Practically, you only need the essentials unpacked and places to start with, and then you can dedicate some time to unpacking the smaller items later. During the first week you will want to make sure that you have unpacked and placed your sofa, chairs, TV, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils and cutlery, bed, towels, bedding and any lamps you may have. Everything else will come in time as you decide where you would like everything to go in your home.

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