Moving On Up The Career Ladder In 2021: What Are Your Options?

For most people, 2020 has been a year where simply retaining your job was a major success. The coronavirus pandemic probably slammed the brakes on any aspirations to climb the career ladder. However, the start of a new year signals the perfect time to spark those ambitions back into life. Now is the time to put those plans into place.

First and foremost, you must remember that climbing the career ladder can take many forms. Here are four of the best options at your disposal.

Seek A Promotion

The easiest, or at least most convenient, way to climb the career ladder is to seek an internal promotion. Asking your boss for a pay rise or a more senior role is a daunting task. However, when you do it in the right way and back yourself with the right documentation and research, you have a good chance. Employers can see many benefits from having senior employees that understand the company at a junior level.

And if the boss rejects your requests, you can see this as a sign to step up your endeavors to find a better opportunity elsewhere.

Change Company

Your current employer might not value you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find one who will. The truth of the matter, though, is that only you can take charge of the situation. Industry-specific career platforms like Cornerstone Medical are essential for skilled workers. When using generic job boards, you will often miss out solely because recruiters cannot check every application. This is due to the volume of unqualified candidates that apply.

You may want to step up to a more responsible role or take a sideways step to a company with a better wage. It’s up to you.


There are many ways to determine whether your career is a success. Nevertheless, salaries are a barometer used by everyone. The harsh reality is that the level of demand for your particular skills might not be that high in your current city. While there are many aspects to consider before making a major life decision, relocation could be the key. Not least if you use this time to buy your forever home too. It will make 2021 better than you imagined.

In addition to the potential lifestyle and financial rewards, a change of scenery aids your engagement levels.

Go It Alone

When the opportunities won’t present themselves to you, there’s always the option of creating your own. Joining an agency to work as a temporary worker or contractor can unlock the door to a more flexible career. Or you can start your own business with ABN. In addition to the plethora of financial possibilities, it put you in full control of your future. Frankly, this has to be one of the most telling rewards of all.

It’s not a road that everyone wants to drive down. For those that do, though, now is the perfect time to make things happen.

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