Starting a New Life in a Foreign Country

Generally speaking, the majority of people will spend their lives in the countries that they were born. It has been found that individuals native to Singapore, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia, in particular, are most likely to express contentedness in their home nation and are least likely to desire permanent emigration.

However, there are still estimated to be 700 million people in the world who would like to permanently live in another country to one they are currently in. Individuals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Haiti, and El Salvador are ranked among the populations most likely to want to move away from their homeland permanent. However, no matter what country you are from, it’s okay to express a desire to move, and you could make your dreams a reality.

Starting a new life in a foreign country may well be a long and complex process, and you are likely to come up against a whole host of difficulties along the way. But it is also an opportunity that could make you happy for a whole number of reasons. So, if you’re considering a move abroad, here are some factors that you should mull over before booking your flight tickets and packing your bags. This will help to make sure that the move is definitely right for you, and that you set up on the right foot if you do end up following through with your plans!

Determine Why You’re Considering Moving

The first step that you need to take to make sure that such a big move is right for you is to determine your reasons for moving overseas. Very few people will make such a drastic change in their life for no reason. However, just because you do have a reason to move somewhere, doesn’t necessarily make it a particularly good reason or the right reason to go. So, take a look at why you are moving and be sure that this is all a good idea.

For Your Career

Perhaps one of the most common reasons that people decide to head overseas for the foreseeable future is for their career. The majority of people moving overseas for their career don’t tend to have planned this step themselves. The company they’re working for might have decided to open a brand in a foreign country and need staff who are familiar with their practice and ethics to oversee the process or train and manage new staff members.

This, of course, can be relatively daunting. After all, you’re going to find yourself in a new place that you never initially intended on being in. However, if the opportunities for career advancement and pay is good enough, you could really benefit from this switch up in your life. What you need to determine when it comes to whether this is the right decision to make or not is to decide how invested you are in working for the company or business that you’re currently involved with.

If this is the role of a lifetime, you sincerely enjoy your position, and you can see yourself living in the proposed location, then you should probably grab the opportunity with both hands. If you don’t care much for your job, then there’s a good chance it’s not worth the time and effort that the big move would inevitably involve.

For Your Partner

The second most common reason for people moving overseas is to either stay with their partner who is moving or to move closer to their partner who they are currently in a long distance relationship with. For some of us, the decision to move will be simple. We will be absolutely certain that our partner is the love of our lives and we will have nothing to lose. However, if you’re not completely sure that your partner is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you might want to reconsider making such a huge change to your life for the sake of lust or the fact that you “like” them.

If you do find yourself moving and you’re not truly in love with this individual, it can become extremely easy to grow bitter and resentful at them, as you have given up your current life to fit around them. For those who are moving purely for love and feel comfortable with the situation, you need to remember that this is a move for the both of you, not just for them. This will prevent arguments down the line, as you won’t expect something in return for moving or feel like you are owed something or some grand gesture on their behalf.

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For Yourself

Perhaps the best reason to move is for yourself. If you have simply fallen in love with another country and want to move purely for your own happiness and connection with this other place, you can’t go far wrong. Just make sure that you have actually visited the country before making this huge leap. Many people romanticise foreign countries based on perceptions of the place that they have built through representations of it in fiction, the media, or other sources.

You need to be aware that these are mediums that exaggerate, emphasise, stereotype, and idealise. Having actually visited the country helps you to guarantee whether you definitely like it or not in real life. There are many factors that can influence a move for yourself – better quality or more affordable healthcare elsewhere, a better quality of life elsewhere, better or more affordable education systems elsewhere… the list goes on and on. But if there is something about another country that will see you happier and with a better quality of life, it is definitely worth seriously considering a move.

Seeking Out a Job and Accommodation

If the reasons that you are considering moving are positive, and you feel like the huge change in lifestyle will be worth the difficult and often emotional process of permanently leaving your home country are worth it, then there are two things that you should start focusing on. Finding a job and accommodation in your country of choice. Other formalities can come later, as many countries require that you either have significant savings or proof that you can fend for yourself financially once you cross their borders.

Finding a job is perhaps the hardest part of this process. You will need to scour jobs sites across the internet for available positions that you can apply to. If a job has certain qualification requirements that are different to the ones you already have (due to different education systems or training systems), it’s always a good idea to contact the employer and request details of what they would expect from a foreign candidate.

They will often be able to translate the worth of different qualifications or training grades, or determine whether you will be suitable for the role based on your experience. When it comes to seeking out accommodation, make use of a reliable site like This will ensure that the property you see online is the same property that you will find when you turn up in the country that you will soon call home.

You have to be very wary of unreliable estate agents and private sellers nowadays, as some people have found that the property they have paid a deposit on doesn’t actually even exist, or that images of a property in a completely different country have been used fraudulently.

Meeting Legal Requirements

Once you are certain that you want to move, you have a job position waiting for you, and you know where you intend to live, it’s time to start meeting the legal requirements of moving to another country. Every country has its own immigration laws and immigration system. So there’s no conclusive piece of advice that you can follow on this front. You will have to look up legal requirements to enter and stay within a country for an extended period of time.

Some countries will allow you a fixed period of time where you can stay as a visitor, which means you may be able to move and sort out residency or citizenship once you are already there. Seek out the best legal help in order to give yourself the best chances of being granted permission to stay. It is also a positive move to start learning the language of the country that you are moving to if you do not already know it, as this will be taken as a sign that you are truly dedicated to becoming a citizen and becoming an active member of the country’s society.

As you can see, starting a new life abroad is a pretty big deal. You will inevitably have to pour time, effort, financial investment, and pure dedication into bringing it to life. But if everything pans out as you have planned, things should go swimmingly once you do move and arrive in your new country of residence!

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