Planning To Travel? Here’s How To Keep Your Money Safe

While we’re in a pandemic, there’s not much travel going on right now. Now is the time to plan out where you want to go once the restrictions have lifted. There is a whole world out there and you deserve something to look forward to – including travelling somewhere new. The crucial thing is that you plan as much as possible, and that means planning your money, too. Taking precautions in a new place is just good sense, and as you know, there are pickpockets even in the most beautiful destinations!

The planning you do for your vacation has to go beyond the destination itself and include how you plan to keep your money as safe as possible. You don’t have to be an easy target for those who don’t pay attention to the law while you’re out there enjoying yourself. Below, we’ve put together some of the best ways to keep your money safe while you travel.

Limit Your Cash

Yes, it’s wonderful to hold onto those crisp notes, but cash is a sure way to get pickpocketed. Credit isn’t everyone’s favourite method of payment, but you can preload debit cards with your vacation expenses, and you can use a card attached to a foreign currency account, too. These are better ways of paying for things but you shouldn’t get rid of cash completely – you may still need some handy! You can adhere to your budget when you have cash, but if you have the right foreign money account, you can keep your cash electronic.

Credit card companies can protect you if you have your card stolen, too, and you won’t lose out too much. Never spend more than you can afford, so budget for your vacation as closely as possible. A word of caution: check that your prepaid card or your foreign account card is accepted in the destination you are headed to. If there are foreign transaction fees, you have to be aware of those, too.

Try Multi-Stashing

If you are going to bring foreign cash with you on your vacation, make sure that you don’t carry all of it in the same place. If you keep it in your wallet and it’s then stolen, you lose all of your money. So, break up your cash into different days, and stash it around your socks, shoes, a hotel safe and another wallet. Splitting your money like this will ensure that you don’t end up completely out of pocket. Of course, it’s not smart to leave your cash lying around the hotel room, either, but you can still split it and be safe. The safest place for your vacation money is in the bank, especially in a place with plenty of ATMs around to withdraw as you need. Check the % fee for withdrawals before you go ahead, too.

Know Your Numbers

Put your account number and customer service number for your bank account and card account in the notes section of your phone, or send a text to yourself with the same information. When you record these numbers, you can be sure that you know where to call if you lose your cards or if they’re stolen. Knowing your account and customer numbers (which are usually printed on the bank card) will save you the trouble of scrambling for your information from half a world away.

Always Go To The ATM During The Day

Going to a secluded ATM? Not the smartest idea. If you need to get cash out, go to the ATM in the daylight and make sure that you take a friend as a lookout just in case! There is strength in numbers and the last thing that you need is to have someone reach over your shoulder to grab your money as you take it from the machine.

Out Of Sight

That tell-tale wallet imprint in your pocket? You need to hide that. It’s so much fun to party with friends on vacation, but if you’re flashing your cash, you can’t be surprised if you’re targeted. Take only what you need and be discreet about your money when paying your restaurant bills.

Invest In a Money Belt

Fanny pack or bum bag, you need a belt around your waist for your cash. Not only can you hide this under your clothes and against your body, but you can also get rid of the wallet imprint in your pocket. It’s a safe place to hold your cash, and a travel belt is lightweight, so you’re not lugging much around with you!

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