Maintaining Your Reputation As A Driver

Say what you will about the digital realm, if you have a solid work ethic and know where to look, there are a wealth of incredible opportunities to be found. There are opportunities out there that will allow you to monetize your hobby by turning it into a lucrative side hustle, enrol in online courses, subscribe to job or career services, attend networking events or even start your own business from scratch.

No matter where your skills lie, there are usually ways in which you can probably find a way to monetize them either by finding the perfect new job for you or by allowing you to pursue a career as a self-employed freelancer in the emerging gig economy. While you may not enjoy the same benefits as a salaried employee, you will benefit from unparalleled freedom and the ability to plan your working life around your family’s needs rather than the other way around.

If you choose to turn your love of driving into a lucrative career, however, whether you choose to do so as a salaried employee or a self-employed freelancer, there’s one thing that is extremely important… Your reputation.

If you become a freelancer, you are essentially your own small business, and there’s nothing more important to a small business than its reputation. Whether you’re a chauffeur, trucker, delivery driver or Uber driver, your livelihood hinges upon your reputation. Despite our best intentions and planning, the road is an unknown variable. Here’s how to prevent this unknown variable from impinging on your reputation as a driver.

Learn when to stop and take a deep breath

While the road offers a lot of freedom and satisfaction, it also offers a great deal of scope for anger and frustration. Long tailbacks, unexpected delays and inconsiderate fellow drivers are a sad inevitability of a life on the road and it’s important that you master your emotions when dealing with them. If someone hears your string of profanities, they could well report you to your employer, and if you drive angry you are far more likely to be involved in a collision.

Stopping, taking a breath and staying in control of your emotions is vital in maintaining a good reputation.

Remember: Rest breaks are not optional

While your reputation may depend partly on your ability to get to your destination on time, you should not aim to do so at the expense of your rest breaks. Driving while fatigued can massively increase your chances of collision as it makes you less able to perceive and react to hazards in a timely manner. Not only could you besmirch the reputation of your employer and damage your vehicle, you could do real harm to yourself and others.

Just because you’re in a car, doesn’t mean you don’t need to be polite

Some people are very different inside and outside of a car. We can treat other road users in a very different way to how we’d treat another pedestrian on the street. Remember that while you’re on the road you represent your employer or the company who has subcontracted you. Essentially, you are at work and must behave as such. Be kind and polite to pedestrians and other road users, even when you’re a little behind schedule.

So these things and your earning power and your reputation will go hand in hand.

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