Scratching The Surface – Farming Industry

The agricultural industry is a demanding and labor-intensive industry to be working in. For example, raising livestock and growing crops requires a tremendous amount of food and water storage capacity.

There is, however, one critical storage facility every type of farm needs:

Oil tanks!

For the vitally important massive machinery used, of course! Some of the machines used for farming are massive, and farmers will not be able to drive them manually to the wholesaler as the trip will entail unnecessary expenditure. Therefore, to cut those costs, farmers usually use oil storage facilities such as oil tanks on their farms in the event that one of the machines needs a refill.

There are various different types of farm machinery such as:


There are two types of tractors, namely Tracked or Caterpillar tractor and Two-wheel tractor. Tractors are commonly used for both subsistence and commercial farming. In addition, tractors are sometimes used to power other machines that can not power up themselves, haul trailers, and pull heavier machinery. A farm tractor is also used for tilling, ploughing, harrowing, planting, and pushing agricultural machinery.

Field Cultivator

As you guessed, this machine is used to cultivate the farm and soften the soil before planting. But it has various other functions; this machine is also used to aerate, get rid of unwanted weeds, or make the ground softer after the crops have germinated.


A Baler is also more commonly used for farming as it is used to cut straw and hay. This machine is not only used for raking in bales, but it can also bind the bales with twine making them easier to be transported and stored.

The above is most definitely not the only machinery used for farming; the list of various types of machines and each of their functions is pretty impressive. You are more than welcome to read up on it online if you’d like.

The UK has mainly three types of farming such as:

  • Arable farming – crops (wheat, vegetables, and barley)
  • Livestock farming – animals (cows, sheep, and chicken)
  • Mixed farming is both arable and pastoral

Owning, managing, running, and maintaining a farm is not for the faint-hearted, as there are countless elements, factors, and careful planning to ensure the crop selection is suitable, the land has been prepared, selecting seeds, seed sowing, irrigation, crop growth, fertilization and finally, the success of harvesting.

Regarding the meats such as cows and sheep, they are carefully looked after and fed to ensure they are in good health. However, let’s not go into too much detail. But, basically, cows are used for milk and meat, chickens are used for their eggs and meat, and sheep are used for their wool and, well, meat.

Bear in mind; the above is not even scratching the surface of what and how the farming industry works. So do yourself a favour and read up about the agricultural and farming industry online. You will be amazed at how vitally essential farms are for the country and the tremendous contribution the farmers make to the economy.

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