Strive For Promotion In 3 Sure Fire Steps

Trying to strive for a promotion when you have been in the same role for a decade or more can be tough. You haven’t seen an application in years let alone completed one, you don’t know how to do well in an interview, and you are worried you might be out of your depth with other great candidates. If you want to achieve the promotion that you crave, follow this guide and you can make 2021 a successful year professionally.

Skill Up

If you have been in the same role for a while, the chances are that you have let your professional development slip. If you take a look at your resume only to find that your latest training course took place five years ago, you need to upskill. Take a look at the person and job specifications for those roles you want to go for. Try and spot patterns in the sort of qualifications and certifications they need. You may be able to enrol on an online course while you carry on in your current job.

Check out the soft skills that you might want to improve. If you are striving for a leadership position, you may need to enhance your business communication skills. Think about signing up for some online English speaking lessons which can improve your communication with colleagues and enhance your verbal language skills if you are called to interview.


If you haven’t had an interview in years, think about going for some mock interviews with some specialist trainers. It’s all too easy to let the nerves get the better of you when you are called to interview. A panel of nameless faces staring at you, asking you questions, and making notes can be difficult and cause you to stutter, flush bright red, and feel self-conscious. To enhance your confidence and learn some interview techniques, mock interviews can be ideal. Use the STAR method to help structure your answers, focusing on the situation, the task, the action and the result. This will stop you going off on a tangent and will lead to you making a great impression.


Try and encourage your current employer to make a newly created role for you to give you the chance to flex your leadership muscles. If you have a great relationship with your boss and they know your worth, don’t be afraid of telling them that you feel ready for the next step in your career. The chances are that they will agree with you. If budget constraints don’t limit their ability to help you move up within your current company, they may give you more responsibility, a new job title, and a pay rise. Alternatively, they may do the honourable thing and put you in touch with fellow businesses who are looking for new people to take on more senior roles. You will need to apply but by building your network you can get your name out there in industry circles.

Follow this guide and you can strive for the promotion that you deserve in three sure-fire steps.

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