An Education: The Big Things We Should Teach Our Teenagers

Every parent struggles to get by from time to time, you might have struggled to raise your child right and make sure they have the things in life that you deem essential. But once they get old enough to make their own decisions, it’s important that you’ve already put the lessons in place.

We are all works in progress, but a teenager will never see it like that! So it’s important for you to lay the foundations earlier on, and what are the big lessons that we need to teach our teenagers?

You Don’t Need Substances To Have A Good Time

It seems to be a rite of passage for so many, but substances like drugs and alcohol are things that aren’t confined to your teenage years, in fact, they follow you throughout your life. The grim spectre of addiction is something that can haunt you forever, not just in terms of what you’re doing to yourself, but the hurt you according to your friends and family members. On top of this, a criminal record is something that will stop you getting places in life.

Juvenile defence attorneys like have seen so many teenagers succumb to petty criminal charges, that it can have a spiralling effect downwards. Unfortunately, peer pressure is one of those common things that will never go away, and it’s up to the parents to instil the mental strength in their child so they don’t need substances to have a good time.

To Thine Own Self-Be True

We spend so long trying to conform, that we lose all sense of self. It’s much better to learn the lesson earlier on: to thine own self-be true. We worry so much about looking weird, or out of place, but it’s these people who understand the importance of the strength and courage to be different. This gives you a wealth of mental reserves.

It seems that the cliché of the unapologetic teenager is something that will not disappear anytime soon, but something as simple as knowing how to say “sorry” belies a lot of emotional strength. On there is an interesting article about if you know how to say sorry. Saying sorry implies weakness, when in fact it shows a lot of strength and character.

Be Respected, Not Liked

We all go through life thinking we need to be liked, so we can get ahead, when in actual fact if you are trying to be liked by everyone, this means you’re trying to please everyone. This is impossible, and when you spend your whole life trying to be liked, and one person doesn’t agree, this can be very anxiety-inducing. Instead, it’s far better to teach the idea of being respected rather than liked. This will help create a stronger sense of self, rather than someone who wants to be in everyone’s good books. It’s far better to learn this lesson earlier in life.

Every teenager goes through the difficulties in learning how to get through life, but if we provide them with the tools early on, they can navigate their teenage years with ease. You remember when you were a teenager, it was difficult wasn’t it? So, what would you tell your teenage self if you saw them now? Well, the teenage version of you is your child.

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