How to Make the Most of Your Commute

We Brits spend a lot of time on our commute to work and though the Kindle has certainly made it more bearable, it is still a long time to give up. While working from home has now become much more popular and many more bosses are more open to the idea, lots of people still spend a startling average of 54 minutes commuting and that number is going up.

More recent figures suggest that 3.7 million UK workers spend 2 hours or longer travelling every weekday. This is a lot of time for so many people who are most likely staring at their phones or staring at a long line of traffic.

Here are a couple of alternatives.


Now, admittedly this probably isn’t an option for the longer commutes, but cycling to work is a great way to get some exercise into your day and save on commuting costs too. Lots of cities are now having their network or cycle lanes expanded and many people are joining the trend too.

When you are cycling in the city, though, do keep in mind that you need to follow the rules of the road and cycle safely. Remember to wear a helmet and put your lights on to make yourself and your bike more visible in the dark. For more safety tips, see for details.


If you want to get ahead in your profession, one of the best ways to go about it is to study for further qualifications. Though it may not feel like you have time to study, your commute is Commutethe perfect time to read up and get ahead. It might not be as fun as reading a novel (unless you are taking English Literature, of course!) but it will be much more beneficial to you and your future.

Learning a new language is another good way to spend your time and there are all kinds of different apps that will let you do so. DuoLingo is probably the most fun app on offer at the moment and is a great mix of various challenges. There are lots of languages to choose from including Spanish and French.


Blogging has quickly become a very popular way to earn a little extra income and there are all sorts of companies who will distribute work you could easily manage in the evening or during a long commute. The beauty of keeping a blog is that you can write about anything that catches your eye and choose which blogs you accept for publishing.

If you are more creatively inclined, your commute could be the best time to start writing the novel you’ve always wanted to create or put together some short stories. As people are reading more and more, now is a great time to write stories that can be enjoyed during the commute.

Of course, there will always be days where you just want to stare out of the window but on the days where you still have a bit of energy and willing, putting this time to good use is the best thing you can do.

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