Are You Missing Out On Savings You’re Entitled To?

We can all appreciate the value of making our money work harder. With this in mind, it’s likely that you already pay huge attention to your career earnings as well as your ongoing purchases. However, there are plenty of common pitfalls that could be causing you problems.

Here are seven issues that could be preventing you from unlocking the financial health you deserve in 2020.

Supportive Schemes

There is a long list of government schemes, as well as programs offered by businesses, to help various audiences. Whether it’s a 26-30 railcard, concessions for seniors at attractions, or anything else doesn’t matter. Some schemes can cut the costs by as much as 50%. Even when it’s 10%, those savings will have a positive impact on your world.

Double Payments

We often pay for services because we are formed that there is a legal requirement. However, there are many examples where you could accidentally be paying twice. This includes ensuring items that are covered by your home insurance or taking out a health plan when your business has it covered. If this happens, end the extra agreement and seek a refund.

Excessive Interest Costs

A poor credit history causes several negative impacts on your life. If yours has improved in the last few years, it may be worth trying to renegotiate on agreements that you already hold. Even if it means consolidating the debts to achieve a lower overall payment to a single new lender, it’s worth it. Continuing to waste money on fees and interest rates would be a disaster.

Excessive Services

We are all guilty of overspending on subscriptions and monthly bills. Using a price comparison site to find the best option can serve you well on many purchases. Meanwhile, trimming packages down to suit your needs is vital. For example, if you are paying for 12GB of 4G data when you only use 4G per month, it’s time to make a change.


If you have been mistreated by a company or institute, you should not be made to suffer on a financial level. Clinical negligence is a particularly pertinent issue. Likewise, roadside accidents and workplace injuries are on the list too. Either way, the perpetrators are unlikely to advise you about your compensation entitlements. So you must pursue it yourself.

Savings Accounts

When trying to secure your family’s financial future, simply choosing the right savings accounts can make a big impact. Utilising your ISA to its full advantage is far better than a low-interest savings account or a savings account where you’ll be taxed. Also knowing whether to save money as a solo or joint applicant with your spouse can be important too.

Building Grants

Upgrading the property is a goal shared by most homeowners, but the costs can put obstacles in the way. But it may be possible to get financial support when looking to use green concepts such as thicker windows or solar panel installations. Whether it covers the whole cost or subsidises it to reduce the pressure, the results can be phenomenal.

Put the above features in place, and you should see positive results in no time.

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