Budgeting For The Big Move: The Costs To Consider

Moving house is always going to be a stressful thing to do, and it doesn’t matter how calm and collected you are as a person, the stress will get to you in one way or another. It is crazy to think that while moving house can be exciting and an amazing position to be in, there are always going to be costs involved. If you are not careful, these costs can spiral out of control. So here are some of the major ones to remember to help you if you are moving home anytime soon.

Mortgage and Fees

One of the hidden costs that not all of us are aware of until the final hour is mortgage and fees that are incurred with settling off early and taking out a new one for the new place. We all get to a stage where our deal comes to an end with a fixed rate, and remortgaging is often just as tricky as getting it initially. But if you are still within a deal when you move, there may be a percentage cost in a fee to pay.

The Legal Side of Things

Moving home requires you to have legal aid to take care of the legal aspect of deeds and mortgage payments. While many of us know this detail, the costs can be a sideline factor, but it is definitely one to budget into your move costs. Getting a local solicitor on your side is vital. They can help with documentation, getting things moving with surveys and initially guide you through the moving process.

Moving Costs

While you may associate moving costs with mortgages and such, there are also the smaller things that you need to factor into your budget. The things such as a moving van, packing essentials and extra hands to help you out. There are a lot of removal companies that could help you do the whole thing, having someone else pack up, load up and then unload at the destination of your new place. Others just want costs for vans so they can do it themselves. Get quotes for all options and then you can work out what is worth the investment for you.


Some people have issues where they can’t move into a property straight away but need to be out of theirs. Or they are downsizing and just don’t have enough space for everything. This is when a storage unit might need to be considered but often the cost is an afterthought. You can pick up storage units for a fair price, and they can be very flexible for you in terms of completing and moving quicker than you might expect to.

The First Few Weeks

Finally, the first few weeks when you move can be more expensive than it would normally be. You need to think about the big flood shop you are likely to do because you have been more economical in the lead up to your move and eaten things in cupboards or the freezer. Then there is the first night where you may want a takeaway dinner for ease. It’s the small things that can add up.

Let’s hope highlighting these costs will help you to move home in the future.

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