Car Insurance Hacks That The Big Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Insurance companies are not your friends. They want to get as much out of you as possible while doing as little as possible. While we want to believe that they’ll reward us for our loyalty and have our backs should the worst happen, this is rarely the case.

As the price of living skyrockets, while the UK endures the longest period of wage repression since records began, many families around the country are feeling the pinch, no matter how rigorously they budget. Thus, every penny saved matters now more than ever.

We all do our best to ensure that our cars are costing us as little as possible. We’ll drive out of our way to find the cheapest petrol, go to another county to find a reliable garage and haggle to get the best finance deal. But when it comes to our insurance, many of us feel powerless and at the whims of the big companies. Sure, everybody needs insurance, but you don’t have to continue paying over the odds for inferior cover.

Here are some truths that the car insurance industry would rather you didn’t find out

You can probably quit your policy at any time

There’s a persistent myth that changing you car insurance policy is a hassle. It really isn’t, especially in the digital age. It simply involves filling in a few brief online forms. But insurance companies are banking on your believing this myth which is why your renewal quote is almost always ridiculous, even if you have a really good no-claims bonus.

You owe your insurance provider nothing, and if you see a better offer out there, whether it’s time for renewal or not, you could make a substantial saving. Go to to see how much you can save. Then have a good look at your policy. You will likely be able to opt out at any time, and while you may face a small cancellation fee, in many cases this is a hit worth taking.

Fully comprehensive can actually be cheaper

Everybody knows that third party cover is far cheaper than fully comp, right? Well, not necessarily. The belief that third party cover is always cheaper than fully comprehensive cover is actually one of the industry’s most persistent myths. People who opt for third party insurance typically make more claims which in turn has driven the cost of third-party policies up in many cases. It behoves you to do your homework and find out if you could get better coverage at a lower price.

Fully comprehensive cover doesn’t necessarily cover you on any car

It’s a common misconception that all fully comprehensive policies insure a driver with third party cover on any vehicle other than the vehicle covered by the policy. Of course, they want you to believe this as it decreases the likelihood that they’ll have to pay you any money. The fact is that this is not always a feature of every comprehensive policy so before you set out in your parents’ or best friends’ car, it’s a good idea to check your policy first.

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