Five Simple Ways To Cut The Costs Of Motoring

As any driver will tell you, the cost of motoring is expensive. From buying a car to the many hidden costs, your pockets will run dryer faster than your petrol tank. Still, there are ways to save money, above and beyond that ‘other’ solution, which is not having a car in the first place.

Here are five ways to cut the costs of motoring.

Buy something you need

When buying a car, it’s easy to be swayed by advertising and the sales patter at the dealership. No wonder many people come away feeling ‘buyers guilt’ after buying something they don’t actually need. Larger cars eat up more fuel, and newer cars are often equipped with features that aren’t essential. So, when money is an issue, buy something that is the right size for what you need, and only go for a car with the features you will actually make use of, such as driving assists and safety features.

Spend time comparing prices

Yes, we know it’s a time-consuming process, but comparing prices should be something commonplace for every driver. From using a car loan calculator when considering financing your purchase to comparing prices online for insurance and breakdown cover, make it a habit to commit to a little research. Spend time reading policies, too. There will be some elements of breakdown cover that you probably don’t need, for example, so buy something that suits your needs rather than spending money on the full package.

Save money on fuel

Continuing the point made above, check out the fuel prices at your nearest garages, and go for the cheapest option. Then monitor the way you drive. The faster you go, the more fuel you use, so stick to the speed limits and conserve your petrol or diesel. Daredevil drivers will also waste fuel through erratic driving, so make it a habit to read the road ahead, and avoid careless driving that will prove costly in more ways than the expense of fuel.

Maintain your car

It shouldn’t need to be said, but many drivers incur large expenses by not getting their cars serviced regularly. Despite the initial expense, you will save money in the long-term if faults can be dealt with before they get worse. Not only will you save money on breakdown costs, but you will also negate the chances of failing your MOT and then having to pay extra charges to get work done.

You don’t always need the help of a mechanic to check your vehicle, either. Through some simple checks and car maintenance, you can keep your car ticking along smoothly yourself, reducing the chance of further faults and expenses due to your negligence.

Share your car

Sites such as are perfect for those of us looking to save money on driving. Whether you are making a long journey or simply commuting to work, you can use such a car sharing site to find other drivers going in the same direction as you. Of course, you do need to be careful. Stranger danger is a common concern for all of us, but aside from the risk factor, car sharing is a practical idea that makes financial sense.

Besides, you don’t need to use these sites if you already know somebody is driving your way, so car share with friends, family members and work colleagues too and cut down your financial burden.


We have given you some simple tips to help you save money. If you have any further money-saving advice for our readers, please let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and happy (cheap) motoring!

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