Different Ways To Save On A First Car

So your son or daughter finally passed their driving test and now they’re looking at you with their puppy dog eyes. You know what that means; they want you to buy them a car. It’s their first taste of freedom and they’re going to be over the moon in terms of excitement. But, you’re not going to be too happy because you’re the one who’s going to be forking over a bucket load of money to get them a car.

You also might be questioning if there’s a cheaper way than having to actually buy a car for them? Well, yes, several actually.

More choice, less risk

Children that have passed their driving test will be excited about owning a car, and then they will turn a bit sour when you show them the budget you’re giving them. It’s an old beat-up used car or nothing sometimes. On the other hand, you could give them more choice and also reward yourself with much less risk than buying a car. Car loans are fantastic ways for drivers to gain access to the newest cars and yet only pay a small amount each month. Technically you’re still on a purchasing path, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Many car loans will last for over a year depending on the car’s value. This means that you can, in fact, hop over into another car while still retaining the original loan. Your son or daughter gets more choice of car, while not having to pay thousands in a purchase.

The old fashioned way

You’ve made up your mind, you’d much rather not dabble in contracts and payments, you’d rather just have it over and done with. The old fashioned way is usually the best and buying a used car for a competitive price will satisfy everyone. One of the better small Used Cars is the Alfa Romeo Mito. The particular one advertised has around 93,000 miles with a full-service history, factory electrics in good order, cruise control and air conditioning. If you’re interested, contact them and see if you’d like to put down a deposit to have the car taken off the market in line for the purchase. This is a great small 2-door car, with unisex styling. Alfa Romeo is the most popular streetcar brand from Italy, with a reputation of making reliable, stylish and driver-friendly cars.

As and when needed

If you don’t want to buy your child a car and you don’t want to keep paying a fee every month, you can put their name onto your car as a secondary or third driver. You can help them pay for their insurance or you could simply help them with petrol costs but, essentially, they will have a car they can use when you’re not using it. This is useful for the first year after they’ve passed their test as it keeps their skills sharp and doesn’t cost a lot.

Your child’s first car doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Give them more choice with a car loan option. Or perhaps buy them a used car and allow them to start driving independently.

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