Everyday Savings: Hand Wash

Each day we’re washing pennies down the sink with many of our household items. In most cases we’re using too much or using it wrong and it is unknowingly costing us a fortune, once you add it all up. Here are a couple of easy tips that everyone can do to save money on hand wash.

You’re Simply Using Too Much

Manufacturers don’t care if you’re wasting money. They hope you use more of their products so you’ll buy more and often. They design and develop their products with this in mind, and with clever advertisements showing you “how to use” their products.

When it comes to saving money on hand wash I have two very simple tricks, both will cost you nothing to implement and will make your bottle of hand wash go further.

Tip One: Elastic Band

This tip is aimed at hand wash bottles with a dispenser pump. It will cost you the price of a single elastic band, these can be bought pretty cheap or, like me, your postman will drop many on the floor during his rounds.

Simply tie the elastic band around the neck of the pump and use. The elastic band will limit the amount of hand wash that’s dispensed to just enough to give your hands a good clean.

You’ll notice that this is less than half the amount of a full pump, making your hand wash go twice as far. It’s particularly good if you have children, they don’t need a full pump of wash for their tiny hands and it also limits the amount that just drips down the sink.

I measured my pump with and without a band, my elastic band is a thick postage band.

Everyday Savings: Hand Wash

Without the band it was dispensing around 1ml of soap, with the band it was around 0.3ml. My bottle is a 300ml bottle which is the difference between 300 washes and 1,000!

If you don’t use a pump bottle then just limit the amount you put on your hands to that of the size of a 5p piece.

Tip Two: Dilute It

The last few drops in the bottom of a bottle, especially a pump dispenser, are a pain and often we’re tempted to just throw it out. DON’T. Add some warm water and gently swirl until the soap is mixed in.

You’ll still get the same cleaning power, it just enables you to use every last bit.

Invest In A Pump Bottle

Pump dispensers do tend to be a little more expensive but once you have one you can refill using any liquid soap you like, you don’t have to stick to the brand. Using the elastic band trick will save you money in the long run.

Do you have any Everyday Savings that you’d like to share?

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