Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week: 14/07/17

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done – 14th June 2017

    • Holiday Clubs. With only a week to go until the school holidays I’ve been trying to get organised so my blogs don’t suffer because I’m spending more time with Eban and also so Eban doesn’t suffer because I need to keep on top of work. Luckily his school have a holiday club the first week of the holidays, 3 days of activities including 2 actual trips. This was only £25 so well worth it for the both of us. In addition to that the local forum has a range of activities throughout the summer holidays which he has put his name down for – this will hopefully give me 4 extra days where I have a couple of hours free to catch up.
    • Hotel booked. Last week I got the train tickets sorted for my trip to London in September, this week saw the booking of my hotel. I’ve opted for an easyHotel half an hour walk from the venue and I’ve gone halves with my blogging bestie, KatyKicker. So that has only cost me £26 for the night – in London! Bargain.
    • Winding down the freezer. We’re going on holiday soon for a week so have started to wind down the freezer. Planning meals that use up what is there rather than just buying whatever we like the look of. This has seriously cut our shopping down and is obviously getting this food used. Hopefully we’ll have an empty freezer before we go.
    • Making a bit more. As well as winding down the freezer I’ve been bulking out and cleverly portioning meals so they’ll go a bit further. Monday night we had chilli and I made a little extra so it did Eban spaghetti bolognese for the next night. I also made a gorgeous egg salad (eggs, avocado, spring onions, bacon, mayo & mustard) as a side with dinner last night and it’s done Aaron for a snack today.
    • Using a belt. As I’m losing weight my clothes are becoming to big for me but I don’t want to go out and buy the next size down as it won’t be long until they’re too big for me too. Instead I’ve dug out an old belt which should last me a few size drops and means I can keep my skinny jeans until they start looking for like flares.


Five fabulously frugal things I've done this week is a round up of where I've saved (or made) money on everyday life things.

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