Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week: 16/06/17

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done – 16th June 2017

  • YELLOW STICKERS. Living so close to an Asda can be great, as long as I’m not buying unnecessary things. I pop in each day on the way home from the school run to see what I can find to throw in the freezer. This week I grabbed a huge chicken selection including legs, thighs and drumsticks for £2.25; should have been £4.50. I could have got it cheaper at their discount time but there was only a couple of trays left so I grabbed them as they’ll do a couple of meals.
  • Disposable packed lunch. Eban is very forgetful, he loses things easily and is generally a pain in the butt at times. This week he’s been on a day trip to a local park and I needed to supply his lunch. Normally he takes a packed lunch anyway so this was no different BUT to avoid the risk of him losing his lunchbox I sent him with a packed lunch that he could just bin.
  • Made do with my hair dye. I’ve recently fallen in love with Manic Panic hair dyes but they’re not cheap. A standard semi-permanent dye around £10 but it lasts well. This week my hair was looking a little more orange than Vampire’s Kiss so I needed to re-dye. Unfortunately there wasn’t much left in the pot so I had to make it stretch. I was super careful about applying it, making sure the roots and the tips had a good coating then brushed it through. Safe to say it’ll go another few weeks now before I need another pot.
  • Vipon. I love Vipon and check it every few days for deals. Basically you are offered items on Amazon for free or a discounted price in the hope you’ll review the item for the seller. This week I’ve ordered two “Indestructible” Frisbees for our Staffy (Dax) which should have been £11.79 each and they were £2.15. If they are in fact indestructible then they are a bargain, if not then I’ve saved all the money trying them out.
  • Love my feet. Six weeks back I took a chance on a foot peel a friend recommended and it had great results. Unfortunately my feet are that bad that there are still a few areas of hard skin so I’ve decided to give the peel another go. Luckily they have been discounted from £9.99 per pair to £6.99 per pair, so I’ve ordered two. A nice saving there, just in case the price goes up again. There will be a blog review over on ChammyIRL after this round.

Foot peel


Five fabulously frugal things I've done this week is a round up of where I've saved (or made) money on everyday life things.

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