Simple Ways to Save Money on Car Ownership

The cost of motoring is increasing each year, which is never welcome news, so we are all looking for ways to make it cheaper. There are some things we can do nothing about such as how much fuel costs per litre. There are other ways we can try to reduce our motor running costs, and here are just a few suggestions.

Fuel Economy

There are several things you can do to keep the amount of fuel you use to a minimum, such as:

  • Don’t drive too fast
  • Don’t over-rev your engine
  • Stop and start smoothly
  • Get the car serviced when it is due
  • Make sure your tyres are at the right pressure
  • Don’t drive with anything heavy in the boot, or a roof rack unless you are going to use them
  • Don’t use the air conditioning

Those few simple things are likely to save you at least £100 a year.


Shop around for insurance, you might be surprised at the difference in premiums that two different companies quote you. You need to make sure that you have the cover you want, and an excess no higher than you can afford.

Always remember that if they did not have any customers they would have no business. Talk to different companies and find out what discounts are on offer, they will do their best to take your business from someone else.


Servicing of your vehicle is vital, but need not be overly expensive. You should have it done at the recommended intervals but you can save money by not using dealerships. The EU changed the rules and dealerships cannot have a monopoly on the servicing of vehicles even when a warranty is involved. There are garages known as dealer alternatives, and you can save money by using them. Make sure they are a registered dealer alternative and your warranty will still be valid. Once the car is out of warranty you can use whichever garage you want.

While it is in for service if it does not already have LED driving lights, talk to the garage about fitting them for you and check out this link to discover more if you aren’t sure about them. They are more energy efficient and need replacing less often.

Buy Used

We all like to think it would be good to have a new car, but the depreciation as soon as you drive off the forecourt when you pick it up can be amazing. It can add a huge amount to your motoring costs for the year, and most good garages, like the one here, will have quality used cars. Buy one that is a year or two old and you will not only save on the initial cost, you will not lose anywhere near as much in depreciation.

Even if you are buying a car that is much older, it is worth looking around the reputable garages as at least if you have a problem you have someone to go back to. Private sales do not have that guarantee; you buy as seen no matter what happens as you drive away.

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