Save Money On Health And Fitness

We all want to live long and healthy lives but sometimes eating the right foods and trying to stay fit can come at a cost. This doesn’t have to be the case and you can reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without it having to break the bank.

Save Money On Health And Fitness

You might not think it but you don’t have to splash money on the latest gadgets, apps, gym classes and health foods in order to live the healthy lifestyle you need. Small, cheap changes are all it takes for you to see a difference both to your waistline and your bank balance.

Expensive Tracking Devices

They’re all the rage at the moment and it seems like everyone has one; including me. But do you really need one? If you can’t really afford to get one then no, you don’t. There are many cheaper versions on the market that do the basic job of a pedometer just as good, so unless you’re wanting to track more than your steps then Fitbit and Garmin devices just aren’t worth it.

Free Apps

Most modern mobile phones now come with built in pedometer apps or you can use “Map My Run/Walk” as a pretty good way of tracking how far and fast you are walking. There are also many fun apps to try and encourage you to get out there and exercise, take a look at Zombies! Run and Wokamon.

If you’re looking for more serious training then there are 100’s of apps to help you train for marathons, track your food intake and encourage you to make those important changes in your life; including one to help with your mental health.

Gym Memberships

Most people cower at the word “gym” and you can’t blame them, the cost alone is enough to have you running for the hills. Many gyms, especially the larger companies, have you tied into inescapable contracts that see you spending over £100 just for a handful of visits. If you’re a gym junkie then maybe these memberships are worth it to you but for the average Joe just looking to lose some tummy flab they can be damaging to the bank account.

Instead take a look at YouTube for work out videos, have a look for your local Park-Run or invest in some equipment at home – work out how much the gym will be costing you and spend it on something you’ll actually use.

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Drink Water

One of the best and cheapest ways to look after your health and fitness is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. Our bodies are over half water and every cell in them uses water from digestion to cell repair. If you’re not drinking enough water then your body will hold on to it meaning you appear bloated with excess “weight” – this is why, when you start a new diet, you lose “water weight” first.

Try throwing in a couple of cups of green tea a day too, this wonderful plant has been found to potentially have fat-burning qualities – plus, it’s extra water and lower in carbs than normal tea or coffee.

Healthy Food

No matter how much exercise you do or how expensive your tracking device is, if you don’t sort your diet out then it’ll be for nothing. You don’t have to buy expensive diet pills, magic berry capsules or “detox” your system for a week – it’s all about calories in verse calories out. Yes, you can follow a diet plan such as low fat, low carb, paleo, keto, Atkins etc but ultimately monitoring your calories is what you need to be doing. You can make a few simple changes to your shopping that can make a huge difference such as swapping meat for pulses. Red lentils make great mince based dishes such as lasagna and Bolognese; they contain less fat and more fibre as well as being cheaper. You don’t have to swap out all the meat if you don’t want to, just try half and half.

Buying frozen fruit and vegetables are also a great way to save. Frozen fruit and veg holds more of the nutrients as they are frozen within hours of being picked, unlike their fresh variety which starts losing their goodness from the start until you eventually eat it; which could be weeks later. Frozen food also keeps longer and you don’t have to worry about it going off if you don’t eat it in time.

Meal Plan

It might not sound like a direct way of saving money on your health and fitness but trust me, it is. Spend some time working out what meals you’re going to have for the week and then buy the ingredients in. Having a plan means you’re less likely to order in, binge eat or eat something you shouldn’t be.

While planning, work out where you can make your meals stretch. What can you make that will do more than one dinner or you can have for lunch. Things like soup are easy to make, cost very little and can go a long way.

Save Money On Health And Fitness

Forget what “experts” might be telling you about buying this, using that and trying the other – most of them are trying to make money. Looking after your health doesn’t have to cost any more than not looking after it, it just takes a little more effort and planning.

Getting healthy doesn't have to cost you the earth. You can save money on health and fitness easily by being a little savvy.

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