Save Money When Moving Home

Moving home isn’t always the most fun experience in the world. Most of the time it’s stressful, tiring and expensive. From the expenses of having the new house (rent, mortgage, deposits) and furnishing it to somehow getting all your stuff from one place to another, it can be the worst experience of your life. Here are a few tips to help you save money when you move home.

Moving Boxes

One of my biggest tips is to find and reuse boxes for moving. You can buy them from storage companies or on Amazon but why pay for what essentially is bits of cardboard that you’ll probably throw away when you can get them for free!

Firstly try McDonald’s, they are my favourite types of boxes for moving. If you phone ahead they’ll normally save them for you, just try to avoid their busy periods such as lunch, dinner time and weekends.

If McDonald’s is a no go then your local supermarkets or smaller stores such as Co-Op and Spar will usually part with bigger boxes. Failing that then check your local Facebook selling groups, people are moving all the time and having someone collect unwanted boxes is easier than having to dispose of them themselves.

Hire A Reliable Moving Company

This might cost you a little more initially but doing your research and hiring a reliable removal company, such as Shiply, could just save you money in the long run.

There are many horror stories around about removal companies “I found on Facebook”. Some turning out to be chancers who load up their vehicle and run or who aren’t insured for the items in their care so when something breaks there’s not much you can do other than replace it.

Don’t Forget Meter Readings

Most utility companies want a meter reading on the day you move out so make sure you get the exact reading, also grab a photo too just in case.

If you don’t take a meter reading then you might get hit with an estimated bill that is higher than it should be. A reading and a photo will prevent that and make sure you only pay for what you use.

Check Your TV/Broadband Provider

You’d think moving your TV and Broadband supplier would be the easiest part of moving but it can often be the most stressful.

Certain companies consider you moving house a termination of their services, even if you’re taking them with you. This means you’ll be starting a new contract with them by asking them to move your service. If they don’t supply to your new area then you’ll be left with early termination fees, sometimes in the £100’s.

Always check your contract as early as you can, if you’re lucky there might be an opt-out period before you’re due to move such as a price rise – this is how we got out of our Virgin contract before moving to our new house. They didn’t supply to us but the were upping their prices which meant we could cancel – it did leave us broadband-less for a month though, still better than almost £300 in exit fees.

Have A Clear-Out

While packing up each room make sure to ask yourself if you really need to take it with you. Going through your current house items while moving is a great way to declutter and even make some extra money.

Taking fewer things with you might also reduce the number of trips you need to take between your current and new house, saving you on fuel and even the removal company costs.

Give The House A Good Clean

This will only really apply if you’re currently in rented accommodation. Make sure every inch of the house you’re moving out of is cleaned, this means there is less for your landlord to pull you up about before handing over your deposit. Sometimes it’s worth getting a professional cleaner in if cleaning isn’t your thing.

Make sure you plan ahead and plan in some relaxation time during the moving process, there is nothing worse than making rash decisions due to being stressed – especially if these could end up costing you more money.

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