Save Money Without the Hardship

If you think that saving money has to be a hardship, think again! You don’t need to give up the things you love or start living the life of a pauper to make a positive difference to your financial situation. Don’t believe me? Check out these very real ways that you can save money without any pain…

Plan Your Meals

If you aren’t already planning your meals, you’re probably spending far more than you really need to at the supermarket. By working out what you plan to eat for the week ahead of time, you can buy only the food that you need, save money and keep your weekly diet the same as it ever was! It’s really very easy to do!

Get Rid of Autofill

If you’re someone who often overspends online, just because it’s so easy to do so, a really simple but effective thing you can do is delete your credit or debit card information on websites you commonly buy from, and from your phone or computer’s autofill. You’ll be surprised just how often you change your mind about buying something when you have to stop and think about adding your payment details first. Get those impulse purchases under control!

Switch to Second-Hand

Whether it’s buying a used BMW or a second-hand cake mixer, you can save tens, hundreds, even thousands of pounds by purchasing the stuff you need second-hand. A lot of people are wary about doing so because they think the quality won’t be as good, but if you can shop around, you can find stuff that’s almost as good as new, and considering the price difference, it’s definitely worthwhile!

Don’t Spend More When You Earn More

A really great way of saving money without hardship is to continue spending your old salary when you have a pay rise. Most people are tempted to spend more and treat themselves more often when their salary rises, but if you could lice well on your old salary, it makes sense to keep doing that and put the extra into savings so that when you want to buy a new house or invest in a new business, etc., you will have the money you need.

Ditch Subscription Services

Okay, so you might not be able to survive without Netflix or Spotify, but chances are you have a lot of other online and physical subscriptions that you never use. Go through them and honestly assess how often you use them before getting rid of the ones that don’t add value and you could save a decent amount each year. Oh, and do the same thing with direct debits too – you never know what could be lurking in your bank account.

Switch Supplier

Your electricity still works the same no matter who supplies it right? The same goes for your gas and probably a whole myriad of other bills too, so why not get the best deals by changing regularly? There are apps and websites that will always find the best deals for you, so use them.

Happy money-saving!

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