Saving Money On Your New Car!

If you are in the market for buying a new car, you are one lucky shopper! You’ve come here because you’re looking for advice on how to save money on your original car purchase, and that puts you in the 83% of shoppers who actually do some research online before they buy!

There are a lot of questions that come with buying a new car. You’ll be dealing with salespeople when you are looking at the New Jaguar I-PACE, which means that you need to have an idea of the costs of the car and what you can afford before you get there. The car buying process is a daunting one – well, that is if you’re not informed or ready for this purchase! You can avoid some very common mistakes if you are smart about your purchase.

So, before you sign those papers and get that buzz from testing out the new I-PACE, why not read more about how you can save money when you buy a new car?

  • If you time this purchase right, you could save a ton of cash. Dealerships often have discounts at the end of the year, as the new cars arrive between July and October. You can also choose to shop on a Sunday and save money that way.
  • Always take a look at the market value of a vehicle before you go and test drive it. It would help if you were smart here because a dealer should accept a price within the market price range. You should always walk away if the dealer you meet with isn’t willing to come down to your price.
  • Compare as many quotes as you need to before you buy. Include dealership fees in the prices that you compare, and you should never allow the dealer of the car to negotiate the price on monthly fees. Any negotiation should only be on the total cost of the car.
  • Always plan for finance, but do it before you get there! You need to know your credit score before you get there, and you need to get the best possible car loan rate before you go so that you’re not talked into using the dealership finance. Of course, they may have a great deal, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t look elsewhere, too.
  • Bartering is critical for smart car shopping. If you are buying and you want to haggle on the price, use these tools for haggling! You should always check if there are discounts available, too, as you could drive away, saving more money than you anticipated.
  • Don’t get talked into add-ons for your new car if you don’t want them. It’s always cheaper to buy the vehicle as it is and then add on things later. You’re already paying for the car, plus dealership fees, plus tax, plus registration – it’s a lot at once. This way, you can add on what you like later and most likely at a lot less than your dealership advertised!

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