Saving Money On Your TV Package

TV is a huge part of most people’s day to day life; news, sports, films and soaps keep us entertained and informed. The only problem is that packages can be rather pricey and you often have to take out additional services to get “the best deal”. Is it time you a took a step back and did a TV overhaul to save yourself money?

Saving Money On Your TV Package

Giving your finances an overhaul should be done at least annually, take a few hours and look at what you’re paying and where. This gives you a chance to trim the cash fat and make savings. Personally I recommend taking a day to go through everything and more often than not, you’ll find yourself saving a fair amount of money.

Your TV package is no different, these tips might just save you £100’s a year.

What Do You Actually Watch?

It’s so very tempting to say yes to all the channels; the sports, the kids shows, the documentaries and the “ultra-super-amazing 4k HD” channels but how much of it do you honestly watch?

Make a diary of what you watch and when. Note the channel, the show, the time and the time spent watching it. Do it for a week or a month and then analyse it to see if you actually NEED what you’re paying for. If you never watch any of the HD channels and you’re paying for them then get rid. If you never watch documentaries then get rid. You get the picture.

When you come to renewal time, use the fact you don’t watch these programs to knock the price down and if they offer you cheaper than you’re paying now to keep the channels then bonus (they often do that).

Saving Money On Your TV Package

Do You Need More Than Freeview?

If you follow my first tip and keep a diary, you’ll soon see if it is worth paying for a packaged TV bundle. Do you actually watch any of the exclusive channels that are in your package or are you only watching the channels you get for free anyway? If your viewing consists of Corrie each night then you want just Freeview.

Netflix, Amazon Prime & Now TV

These fantastic subscription based services give you unlimited TV viewing for a small monthly fee. With a huge range of box sets, films, kids shows and documentaries there is enough to keep the average TV watcher entertained for months on end. Some of the best TV viewing in decades has been launched exclusively on these services.

All offer a free trail.

Netflix offers different service levels depending on whether you have a HD device and how many separate screens you’ll watch it on.

Amazon Prime is half-price if you are a student (even if you’re not a student) with free delivery and other benefits. If your TV isn’t a smart one then you can also pick up a Fire TV stick, this allows you to watch all the Prime channels and Netflix on your TV.

Now TV offer monthly passes, you can often find them cheap on eBay and also offers extra benefits such as money off days out.

Cheaper Broadband & Phone

Often you’ll see the big companies trying to tempt you to take out more than you need by offering “cheaper” add-ons such as broadband and phone packages – “if you take out the top TV package with HD then your broadband is only a fiver”. Shop around first.

If you don’t need those TV channels then you aren’t saving anything, in fact you’re spending more. Look at other companies, especially those who don’t offer TV packages. Look at your mobile provider, many of the big mobile companies will offer free or discounted home broadband for being a mobile customer.

Do You NEED A TV Licence?

If you watch live TV, at the scheduled broadcast time, BBC iPlayer or listen to the radio then YES! If you don’t then the simple answer is NO! If you never watch programs as they air, you’re more of a Netflix fan or catch up on channels that aren’t the BBC then you do not need a TV Licence. Instant saving!

I personally haven’t paid for a TV Licence in years. My TV “package” is Netflix and Amazon Prime with the occasional 4OD. I pay Netflix monthly (£7.99) and Amazon Prime annually (£39 with student discount) which comes to a grand total of £11.24 a month, but I also get free delivery and the other bonuses that come with being a Prime member.


If you’ve done all your research, you realise that a TV package is what you need then please look at your cashback options. Visit TopCashback and Quidco to see how much you can get back for joining via them. New customers can often get over £100 back plus other benefits. Previously I’ve had £120 cashback with a £50 gift card (New BT account), this basically paid my line rental for the year.

Cashback is free money coming back to you.

Cashback on TV packages

In Conclusion

Monitor your TV usage. If you don’t watch it then don’t pay for it. If you’re a Netflix and chill kind of TV watcher then you might not even need to pay the TV Licence. If you do use the channels then shop around and take the cashback. At the end of the day, the big companies won’t miss the few £100 you might save but it could be a life changer for you.

What has been your biggest saving on TV?

TV packages can be one of the biggest costs in households but is your TV package throwing your cash away? Saving money on your TV package is easy.

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