Tips for Saving On Transport Costs

There are many costs associated with modern life and navigating them can be troublesome. One of those is travelling expenses. It is inevitable that at some point will you have you the extensive transport network of the country, whether that is to get to work, visit family or any other number of reasons that you need to travel. So, here we are going to look at some ways that you can save money when getting from one place to another.

Public Transport

There are two main types of public transport, buses and trains. The latter of these two services is getting increasingly more expensive with a further 3.1% rise in fares expected in 2019. As a result, you might be looking for ways to save money so that any travel you take doesn’t have too much of an impact on your bank account.

Well for starters, commuters should consider buying an annual ticket. While a year-long pass can be in the thousands, it will still work out cheaper than paying weekly or monthly. Because of the high price, it can be hard to pay for an annual ticket up front, and that is why companies like Commuter Club have programs which allow you to buy your pass through them and pay for it monthly. They also do deals that might see you make a bigger saving then if you paid the full amount up front with National Rail.

Saving money on public transport is not necessarily an easy thing to do on the spot. Rather your best option is to research in advance what options are available to you. National Rail offers a wide range of railcards that all come with discounts on fares. This includes the Two Together Railcard which allows two specified people reductions on train travel.

Finally, travelling on buses is different all around the country. Transport for London, for example, has recently introduced a new one hour fare which means you can switch between buses across one hour, but you will pay once. Other similar schemes are available in other regions.


Sometimes the easiest way to travel is to just jump in your car and get moving. However, this comes with its own costs which can be hard to avoid. Some things for you to consider include making sure your initial expenditure isn’t too damaging to your finances – that is to say consider how much a car is going to cost you before making the purchase. You don’t have to buy new, and in fact looking into companies that do offers on motors like Land Rover Used Cars should mean you end up with a better deal, especially when you consider depreciation.

Also, bear in mind when you choose to take to the road the number of hidden costs of owning a car. Petrol continues to be a sore point for many drivers with prices now sustained well above a pound, and you must make sure your car is taxed and insured before setting off on any journey.

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