Survey Sites

Survey sites are a great way for someone who has a few hours to spare each week and is looking to bring in a little extra income. They can be done while watching TV and even on your mobile phone. Payment methods vary from cash to vouchers but all the sites listed below genuinely payout once you have reached their minimum threshold.

Prolific Academic

What Is It? – University studies, higher than average payout

How Much Per Survey? – Varies according to survey, normally above national minimum wage

Payout Method – PayPal or Circle

Payout Threshold – Minimum £5 or £20 without any PayPal Fees

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What Is It? – Surveys, games, cashback and more.

How Much Per Survey? – Varies according to the type of activity

Payout Method – Vouchers or entry tokens

Payout Threshold – Varies according to voucher

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What Is It? – Express your opinions on the latest news including politics

How Much Per Survey? – Varies according to survey, awarded in points

Payout Method – PayPal, Amazon and other gift vouchers

Payout Threshold – 1087 points for £30 Paypal, 1041 points for £30 Amazon.

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What Is It? – Range of surveys, focus groups and product trials

How Much Per Survey? – Varies according to survey, (normally 10-150 per survey)

Payout Method – BACS

Payout Threshold – 5000 points = £50 or 25/50/100 points to enter prize draw

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