Traditional Roles

As the world grows and technology develops we find many new and interesting ways to earn money from home. Tablets, smartphones and laptops make it easy to work on the go so many people pick up a second income that they can run on their way to work, during their lunch break or while they’re sat on the sofa.

Now, for those who aren’t so tech savvy and the words affiliate marketing. drop-shipping or network marketing strike fear into your very soul there are still more “traditional” methods of working from home. When I say “traditional” I’m meaning jobs that don’t require the use of the internet, the roles that have been around for years and more often than not require doing something physical to be paid.

If you’re looking for something to do from home that doesn’t require you to be too internet savvy then take a look at this list. This list is a brief description of roles and requirements or qualifications may vary depending on location.

Traditional Working From Home Roles

Cake Baking

This is something I’ve previously done and requires some basic baking knowledge and skill. Baking cakes is basically a science, find the right ingredients and make them taste nice then repeat. Until I practised I baking I wasn’t all that good but I was soon making cakes and cupcakes that people wanted to pay me for.

You don’t NEED any qualifications to start selling cakes though it is highly recommended you do a basic food hygiene course. You can work from your own kitchen as long as you’ve had it inspected by your local environmental health department and they’re graded you. You do need to keep track of dates for all ingredients, temperatures of your fridge and many of the other health aspects you’d find in a professional kitchen but it’s pretty easy.

It’s also recommended that you get yourself insured in case of any problems from your customers eating your products, such as allergic reactions etc. You can never be too cautious so look around for a Public Liability Insurances that covers you as a food producer.

As well as cake products you can look into sweets and other baked goods – fudge, coconut ice and biscuits are super simple.

Setting Up A Cake Business Blog Post

Dog Walking, Pet Sitting or Boarding

If you love animals then you can look at setting up your own business caring from them. Anything from walking them to boarding them while their owners are away. There are no official qualifications needed to set up services like these but having basic knowledge of animals is very beneficial as is a pet first aid certificate.

You will also need insurance that covers not only the public but your clients animals. If you use your car to transport animals then you also need to make sure you have the correct business insurance.


Over the years childminding has changed a lot. There are many rules and regulations put in place to protect the children in your care, as well as yourself. Almost all childminders are now required to go on a course or two where they will be informed on all the requirements, regulations and many councils offer all the qualifications they’ll need. These often cost but will include everything you need to get started such as food hygiene, first aid and OFSTED registrations.

It is much more than just babysitting children all day as there is lots of planning and paperwork included in order to develop these little lives into bigger little lives. Your house will need to be completely secured, as will your garden – if you have one. You need supply all your own equipment including toys and crafts.

There are several courses a childminder must attend throughout the year, which aren’t paid for. You are limited on numbers you can look after based on the size of your home and if you have your own children.


If you are a qualified bookkeeper then you could look at going freelance for small businesses or charities.


Not everyone enjoys ironing, I know I don’t, many people will employ someone to iron their clothes for them. If you don’t mind it or even enjoy it then it might be worth looking in to. The start up costs are relatively low as all you’ll need is a good quality iron and board, as well as insurance in case there are any accidents.


If you enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind a little hard labour then you could look at offering gardening services. You don’t have to be a landscape gardener to offer things like mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges. You would most probably need your own equipment such as a mower, strimmer and hedge trimmers as well as a waste licence from your local council to dispose of the cuttings.


Like ironing and gardening, many people just don’t have the time in the day to give their house a good cleaning so they’ll pay someone to do it. If you’re good with a hoover and duster then you might want to think about cleaning, many local businesses also hire self-employed cleaners for their premises which can lead to long term contracts.

Catalogue/Leaflet Distribution 

A lot of catalogue companies are now dropping the physical catalogue in favour of digital catalogues as they’re cheaper and kinder to the environment. Some direct sales companies still use catalogue distribution as a way to reach customers, such as Avon and Kleeneze.

Alternatively you can look at leaflet distribution. There are companies who will distribute leaflets, flyers etc on behalf of other companies and tend to do it in bulk – which is why you often get 3 or 4 leaflets through the door at a time. Jobs like this can be found either by Googling in our local area or on sites such as Gumtree.


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