5 years time: Where I Want To Be

Five years, its sounds like a long time away but it really isn’t and time goes by so fast that it’ll be here in no time. Looking back at what the last five years have seen makes me go slightly dizzy and looking forward to the next five years fills me with excitement. Will I be where I want to be?

The Last Five Years

Back in 2012 I was happy with our lives but the circumstances weren’t ideal. We were renting out house from the council, I was chopping on a temporary contract, Aaron was still an apprentice and we were still no closer to paying off our debts.

If you’d have told me that just five short years later we’d be in our own home, debt free (besides mortgage), Aaron would be in a senior role with BT and I’d be working from home running several blogs as well as the other bits I do then I’d have laughed at you. Back then I could never see us reaching our goals, our future was just to clouded.

5 years time: Where I Want To Be

Thanks to Katy from Katykicker.com, I’ve been asked to give the next five years a thought or two and try to imagine where we’re going to be. I don’t normally dream big but the last 12 months have taught me that anything is possible, if we set our minds to it and work for it together.

5 years time: Location

I imagine that we’re still going to be living in Sheffield in five years having not been here even a year yet. We are hoping to have paid off around half of our mortgage by then but that might change depending on if we want to do any work to the house – such as extending the driveway, adding a conservatory or boarding out the loft.

We’re not wanting to move again until after Eban has disappeared off to uni or work and then we’re hoping to retire to the Isle of Man, but you never know where life will take you.

5 years time: Career

I’ve never been career minded so I don’t have any plans exactly. I should hope that I’ll still be doing what I’m doing, hopefully with a little more confidence and less procrastination. I’d like to be “recognised” as in “OMG you’re Chammy” just once – it would be nice. I would also like to have moved my YouTube channel on to the next level from occasional uploader to regular uploader.

I know Aaron is very happy where he is so if his career path changes it’ll more than likely head in to a management role but it’s not something he’s aiming for.

5 years time: Travel

Travel is something we keep discussing. We’d like to travel more, especially around the UK, but we’ve always said we’d leave the proper travelling until Eban has flown the coop. It’s why we had him as young as we did.

I can see the next five years of travelling will include many visits to the Isle of Man, a trip to Scotland, one to Ireland and maybe a couple of warmer destinations.

5 years time: Finances

I’m proud to say we’ve never been as stable as we are now, it’s a wonderful feeling. As previously mentioned, we’d like to have paid around half of our mortgage off by the five year mark. Next year we’ll be remortgaging to bring the cost down to make that easier.

I’m hoping to have started a nice pension pot for myself and have a good “rainy day fund” on the go. Aaron has plenty of shares with work and one of those will have matured in five years so we can withdraw or reinvest.

5 years time: Family

I can’t see the situation changing much. Eban will be a teenager (holy fizzlesticks Batman) and no plans for any more, and we made sure of that. If our family grows then it’s either a new pet, which I don’t think will happen, a very shocking surprise or Eban has befriended a stick.

All in all, I’m extremely happy in our current situation and the next five years will see us stronger and even more stable. It’s an exciting thought but for now, I’m looking forward to enjoying each day as it comes, spending time with my two favourite guys and just getting to be me.

Now, to pass this on to a couple of other bloggers I know and love – because I enjoy reading their posts. David from Thinking Thrifty, Elle Beau from The Not Quite Fairy-Tales of Elle Beau, Nicola from The Frugal Cottage and the husband over on Virtual Wombat.

5 years time: Where I Want To Be

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