Matched Betting Masterclass Live Event + Discount Code

Matched Betting is huge and has been for many years now. I’ve personally made a fair amount from giving this way of earning a go, including enough to pay off my debts AND save money for a house deposit IN THE SAME YEAR! Now I bring you the chance to mingle with the top dogs and increase your earnings from £0 to £5000 per month!

What Is The Matched Betting Masterclass Live Event?

The Matched Betting Masterclass Live Event is a three day event being held in London from the 27th October 2017. During the three days novice and seasoned matched betters will gather to share advice, chat about their success and look at increasing their earnings up to a whopping £5000 per month.

This event is a chance to meet like minded people, who love the idea of making a genuine extra tax free income each year. A chance to meet people who want to make more money online over the next 12 months than they did in the last 12 months.

What Will The Event Cover?

The event is split up into three days so that there’s something for everyone:

Day 1

You’ll go through the basics and learn you how to get set up properly and convert sign up offers into money. Even if you have already made the easy £500 or so from sign up offers, then come along to help others, make new friends and possibly learn a thing or two from fellow matched betting professionals.

Day 2

You’ll go through more advanced techniques of how to make a regular monthly income from matched betting. If you have done all of your sign up offers, but are still not making regular monthly tax free money from ongoing offers then you will love this day. If you think you know it all… You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Day 3

This is actually where most of the money can be made and where most matched bettors miss out on. This teaches you how to become a matched betting consultant and promote matched betting online as an affiliate. You will learn exactly how to promote it online for free, so that you can get paid to help other’s make money from it.

Top affiliates make £5,000+ per month doing this and at the event, you get the EXACT blueprint that you can copy to increase your monthly passive income whenever you desire. No technical skills or previous experience required.

This blueprint of promoting matched betting is the “Trick” that most people miss out on that will be shared for the first time in history at this iconic event.

Is This A Genuine Opportunity?

Yes. I actually know the person involved with this event and he knows his stuff. You’ll be in safe hands with him and I have no doubt that you’ll easily make back the cost of your ticket and any travel/accommodation expenses. If you’re interested in attending then you’ll have to be quick, there are limited spaces and the event is expected to sell out quickly.

If you want to know more then have a read of the event page HERE even watch the video at the end for Ben’s story.

More Details & A Discount Code

Date: 27 – 29 October 2017

Time: 8:30 – 18:00

Venue: Crown Plaza, 19 New Bridge St, London.

Cost: £47 – £297

Luckily for you, because the organiser is a good friend, I’ve managed to bag my readers a FANTASTIC discount on the cost of the full three days. Use “MML” at checkout and it’ll save you a huge £200 off the cost, meaning three days will cost you £97 rather than £297.

Matched Betting Masterclass Live Event + Discount Code

Simple head to the event’s Everbrite page to book your place.

Unfortunately I can’t make the event myself, although I was invited, due to childcare issues. If you do decide to go then let me know what you thought to it and most importantly how much you’ve learnt.

If you have any matched betting related questions then please check out my posts about it or drop me an email, I’m happy to answer them.

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