3 Tips for Reducing Chaos When Working from Home

For a lot of people, the global COVID-19 pandemic has meant an extended period of working from home, which, for a lot of people, had been a long-time aspiration. While there are certain distinct benefits to working from home, however, it’s also important to acknowledge the fact that there are plenty of challenges that come with it as well, whether you are working remotely in a full-time traditional employee role, or are running your own entrepreneurial business.

Perhaps most of all, the major challenge when it comes to working from home is simply avoiding being swept away by the chaos that can develop when you are responsible for managing your own routine, taking breaks at the times you please, and deciding when to “clock off” for the day.

Here are a few tips for reducing chaos when working from home.

Utilise systems like the Pomodoro method, and website blockers, to keep you on task

First things first, it’s important to take steps to reduce the temptations that are always going to be present for distraction when you’re working from home and to avoid some of the psychological pitfalls that can lead you to delay when it comes to getting started with your work.

Fortunately, there are various different systems and apps that can be helpful in this regard.

The Pomodoro method, for example, alternates 25-minute blocks of focused work with five-minute breaks, and many people find it can work wonders in terms of motivating work and reducing distraction.

Website blockers such as Freedom or Cold Turkey can also go a long way when it comes to stopping you from becoming overly distracted.

Structure your day around set rituals and routines that help to provide consistency

Working from home can be an extremely frustrating thing if you aren’t very good at maintaining work-life balance, and don’t have the most stable and consistent routine at the best of times, either.

Among other things, you may find that working from home in this situation means that you frequently work a lot later than you should, and struggle to maintain a sense of proper rhythm and balance in your life.

By structuring your time around rituals and routines that help to provide consistency – such as having a particular morning routine to get you motivated for the day, and an evening routine to help you to wind down – you can keep things a lot more balanced, consistent, and effective in this regard.

Always look for ways to streamline and consolidate things, rather than having to micromanage too much at any given time

Particularly if you are an entrepreneur, you should always be on the lookout for ways to streamline and consolidate the processes involved in running your business, rather than having to micromanage too many different elements at a given time.

Depending on the type of business you run, having one reliable retailer to buy red diesel drums from may be an example of this sort of streamlining. In another context, using a managed IT solutions company to handle the computing end of your business might be the best approach.

Either way, look for ways to simplify rather than complicate.

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