Make Money By Answering Questions

Even in the golden age of Google some people will still rely on others to find the answers to their questions, even more odd is that they’ll happily pay for this service which gives anyone who wants to earn from home a fantastic opportunity. You can make money by answering questions. Working for a text question answering service such as AQA (Any Question Answered, formally 63336) is an interesting and genuine way to work from home.

What Is A Text Question Answering Service

Quite simply, someone uses their mobile phone to send in a question and they receive a text reply some time later. Several years ago, before mobile phones had 3/4G and Google was only the touch of a button away, these services would be inundated with questions such as “What were the lottery numbers last night”, “Who went out on the X-Factor” and random pub quiz questions.

However, now everyone has their own Google answer-master in their pocket these question services have gone down the entertainment route; with questions being asked about the user’s future, their love life and even “Who am I?”.

Working For A Text Question Answering Service

As you can probably expect, these roles are highly sort after so a position doesn’t pop up all that often and tend to be bulk recruitment. These roles are not for the tech-shy and you will need at least average PC knowledge, as well as being familiar with using search engines and social media.

A reliable internet connection and a PC is preferred although a laptop works fine, you need to be quick so tablets and mobiles aren’t good enough. A good standard of spelling, grammar and punctuation is also necessary.

Application & Assessment

More often than not you’ll be expected to fill in some sort of application form and/or do an assessment. Basically so they can see that you’ve understood what the role is and that you are capable; this mostly involves having to search for a person or answer a question. However, this might have changed since I personally applied.

How Much Does It Pay?

This can very much depend on how busy they are, how long you work for and ultimately which campaigns you work on. You are paid per message replied to so the quicker you can answer the questions, the more you are likely to earn. It wasn’t uncommon to earn £600+ a month when I previously worked for them.

You are also responsible for your own tax as you are employed on a self-employed basis.

Pros & Cons

As with any job it has it’s good points and it’s bad ones. Here are a few that I found while working for them.


  • Complete flexibility. You work when you can and for as long as you want, as long as you meet the minimum contracted hours required. If you go on holiday it’s best to let them know so they have a rough idea about how many agents they have available.
  • You can work from the sofa while watching TV.
  • When you get a meaty question it makes the job interesting.


  • Your availability might not match with peak times. There is always the risk that the busiest times of the day are when you’re busy or asleep.
  • Questions begin to get repetitive. During campaigns you will get asked the same question over and over, answering these can get boring though you can answer them quickly which means you’re answering more questions – increasing your earnings.

Finding Text Answer Jobs

The main company who offer this service is AQA, as I’ve previously mentioned. In order to apply for their position you need to drop them an email to they’ll be able to tell you if they’re currently recruiting, if not they can add you to their list.

Make money by answering questions at home. If you have search engine and social media knowledge then you can earn an income by answering the burning questions on everyone's mind.

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