Work At A Desk All Day? Consider The Following Tips

It’s important to realize that working at a desk all day is a relatively artificial environment. As humans, we possess physical frames that need movement to feel optimized, and a business environment can often run contrary to that. This is why the best business leaders will make sure to work out to keep on top of their best mental functioning.

Of course, there are many tips you can take to ensure you’re in the best shape as a business leader both physically and mentally, but if you find yourself chained to a desk the need to apply these tips to your life can be dramatically important.

Often, we neglect to view ourselves as one of the most important assets in our firm. It’s not hard to see why that might and should be considered a mistake. If you’re not there, it’s likely that the leading of the firm would become the responsibility of your second in command. While this might not kill the firm, it could prevent it from thriving under the care and protection that your abilities have gifted it.

Many people might consider investing in yourself as important as taking care of your bottom line, or pleasing shareholders. In this article, we will focus on the person behind the business and recommend tips to get started in your best possible progression.

Without further ado:

Standing Desks

Standing desks can be one of the most important things you bring into your office space. From standing desk converters to custom designed apparatus, simply the act of standing for a few hours a day can help your body undo the damage of sitting, help your posture reset, and act as a more physically intensive exercise. This can help with alertness, and also literally help you ‘think on your feet,’ which can be of immense benefit.

This is a great way to ensure you can keep working while staying on top of your health. It’s likely transitioning between the two modes of working, sitting and standing, will help you feel much better and much more active over the course of the day. Just be sure to position items on your desk so that when you make the transition from sitting to standing, none of your items will fall or be affected.


People consider their hands least of all when it comes to working all day at a terminal. However, it’s essential that you do, especially if you’re in the business of writing all day, working with spreadsheets all day, or coding all day. If you find yourself writing an excess of 10,000 words per day (which is a real reality in many jobs,) it’s very important for you to take care of yourself.

This might mean taking regular breaks, learning a few hand exercise stretches, or in careers that really require you to use your hands, ensuring them for a large dollar valuation. This can help you look for alternate work or simply have time to heal if you’re ever injured due to the nature of your job. Your hands can be fragile, so it pays to look after them.

Working From Home Can Work if You're Willing to Improve Yourself

Air Quality

Sitting in the same space for the whole day can be truly affecting if you do not pay attention to the air quality of the room. Not only might it be that toxins or other negative effects might be in your office, but the smell or oppressive nature of a poorly ventilated room can give us all pause for action if we’re not given space to keep this air flowing.

Simply make sure you open your window, you use internal fans to keep the air flowing in the manner you find most appropriate, or install a new and more effective wall grate, ventilation shaft or brick in order to keep your office light, airy and comfortable to reside in. This might not sound as important as we’re suggesting, but you can tell the difference between a stuffy and ventilated office as if it were night and day.

Clutter & Mental Space

If working at a desk all day, it’s worth considering how the desk setup and surroundings you come into contact with affects your mental space. This might not sound overly exciting, but a little effort here can really improve your mental functioning. For example, if your desk seems disparately arranged, and there’s no real order to it, it can leave your mental space feel disorganized, and it might take you more time to locate something.

However, a well-organized desk, with holders for a stationary, colour-coded and bound room for documents, and sparse use of personal decoration can help your perspective feel open, fresh, and organized. It’s hard to communicate this feeling effectively, but you know when you have it. It’s the same as waking up to a bedroom where everything is stored as it should be, and there are no dirty clothes begging for your attention on the floor or the spare chair where you seem to store everything.

As a business leader or a self-employed individual, every little method of helping yourself can be appreciated and utilized.


It can be very important to stay on top of the ergonomics of your desk space. For example, consider your office chair. Does it support you and keep your back upright? How do your arms fall naturally when interfacing with your keyboard? How do your feet stand under the desk? There are also many other considerations to think of. For example, how do your eyes meet your monitor?

It’s important for your eye line to usually match the very top of your monitor, as in the very bezel containing the width of the screen. This helps you see the content of your monitor without having to arch your neck, or hold it in a position that might hurt after some time. The same could be said for your second monitor.

Keep an eye on your office ergonomics and do everything you can to improve them. You’ll thank yourself later.

With these tips, you can be sure working at a desk all day will not only be a productive experience but a healthy one.

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