5 Reasons Why Working From Home Is More Difficult Than You Think

Working from home has become a popular alternative to a typical 9-to-5 job, but many people don’t realize just how difficult it actually is. Not only does it take a long time to find a work-at-home job, but holding one is also just as hard if you’re not prepared. If you’re adamant about working from home despite the ups and downs, then we’ve put together a short and simple article to help you understand the common pitfalls to look out for when working from home.

Think working from home was simple? Think again!

You’re Going To Get Distracted And You’re Going To Hate It

No one likes distractions, but if you work from home then your life is going to be filled with them. Whether it’s from your kids screaming about dinner or the television holding your attention, just keep in mind that it’s very easy to become distracted while working from home. You’ll hate procrastinating and you’re going to be upset about wasting time, but it’s just something that comes with the work-at-home lifestyle.

Contrary To Popular Belief, You Can’t Be Completely Self-Reliant

Working from home typically means that you’ll be relying on yourself most of the time, but there will be situations where you need to rely on IT support for business or you’ll be calling up a friend to help you take care of some issues at home. You can’t be completely self-reliant even if you’re working as a freelancer or running your own business.

It’s More Time-Consuming Than You Might Initially Believe

Working at home initially sounds great because you spend less time commuting to and from work, and you won’t waste time because you can get on with your work and not worry about interacting with coworkers and so on. However, you’ll need to do other tasks such a5 Reasons Why Working From Home Is More Difficult Than You Thinks managing your own finances and advertising your services which can both take up a considerable amount of time.

Having More Control Over Your Business Can Be A Bad Thing

There are some people in the world that would much prefer to be an employee because it means they shoulder fewer responsibilities. If you’re going to work as a freelancer or a self-employed individual then there are many responsibilities to take care of. From doing your own finances and tax calculations to promoting your company, you’ll have far more control but it doesn’t necessarily indicate a good thing especially if you have a difficult time coping with those extra responsibilities.

Profits Are Slow To Build Up Especially If You’re Freelancing

Being self-employed or working from home can mean that your income will be slow at the start. This is especially true if you’re freelancing because the amount of money you can make is directly related to how popular and well-known you are. This means that you’ll be working for less at the beginning and potentially even working for free just to expose your brand. If you want to live the work-at-home life, then it’s best to embrace the fact it will be a slow start.

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