Is Your Company Due For A Makeover?

Image is everything in business and if you aren’t conveying the right one, it can harm your chances of success. The way that you present yourself to customers and business partners alike has a huge impact on your sales. A lot of smaller businesses, in particular, struggle with image because customers are put off by the fact that they’re small sometimes.

People often prefer to use larger businesses so if you want to compete, you need to present yourself as such. If you’re struggling with sales and you can’t work out why it might be time to give your business a makeover.

Become A Limited Company

When people see ltd. after a company name, it automatically lends them some credibility, regardless of the reality of the company underneath. It’s a simple way to make yourself look big time and convince customers that you can compete with some of your larger rivals. Look at some more info on limited company formation and see whether you think it might work for you.

As well as making you look more professional and credible, it also gives you some financial protection. By registering as a limited company you can separate your business assets from your personal ones so you don’t risk losing everything if the company goes under.

Give Your Social Media A Personality

The rise of social media has changed customer expectations about advertising. People don’t want to feel as though they’re interacting with a faceless company, they want to feel as though they’re talking to a real person. That’s why big companies are putting a lot of focus into creating social media profiles with a distinct personality. You should be trying to do the same when you’re posting on social media. Think about the demographic that you’re trying to connect with and come up with a distinct personality that appeals to them.

Get Business Cards

Having a business card is another great little tip that won’t cost you that much. People always equate a business card with professionalism and success. By just having some and handing them out to people, it gives the impression of success and shows that you’re organized and proactive. This is especially important when you’re networking with potential business partners because it looks amateur if you have to write down all of your details on a scrap of paper.

Sort Out Employee Image

Your employees are a representation of your company and so every time they’re meeting anybody, they’re acting as an ambassador for you. If they’re looking scruffy or acting unprofessionally then it reflects badly on you and you could lose business. That’s why it’s important that you’re always expressing the importance of personal image to your employees.

It’s also worth thinking about the message you’re trying to send. If you’re trying to appeal to a younger audience, for example, having all of your employees wear a suit and tie might put people off; you might be better off going for something more casual.

Sorting out your business image could be the thing you need to kickstart your sales again.

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