Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week: 07/07/17

Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done – 16th June 2017

    • Virgin Trains sale. This week I managed to get all my travel booked for my Blog Conference-Extravaganza in September. I’ve previously booked the Megabus from Sheffield to London but still needed to book travel from London to Manchester, then Manchester to Sheffield; not on the Megabus. I’ve been waiting for the advance tickets on the Trainline to become available but on Wednesday night Virgin Trains kicked off their sale. I got a single from London to Manchester for £11 – yes ELEVEN POUNDS! Ok, it’s not as cheap as my £3.30 ticket to get there but it’s a late night journey and would cost around £90 on the day; I grabbed KatyKicker her ticket and bagged myself 30p in cashback. I then got my ticket to Sheffield for £6.50, opting for the later train home which is £2 cheaper meaning I can spend that on some dinner while I wait.
    • Eating once a day. This might sound wrong but trust me I’m not starving myself or anything. Over the last five weeks I’ve been on a diet that has seen my appetite drop to almost non-existence. This plan, coupled with intermittent fasting, now has me eating one meal a day. Why is this frugal? Well, our shopping bill has almost halved. If I planned better then we could probably get it down even further.
    • Saving money baking a cake. Eban had a bake off this week at school, with the cake going towards the school fayre cake sale. I haven’t baked a cake in a while so had little to no ingredients in, except staples such as flour, sugar and eggs. I thought to save time and money I’d buy pre-made pipable frosting which was cheaper than getting in icing sugar, butter and trex to make my own buttercream. Well, it was cheaper but I wasn’t happy. It was difficult to pipe, impossible to spread and it didn’t cover the cake like it was supposed to. So, although frugal I won’t be buying it again.

  • Vipon, again. Picked up a few bits on Vipon again this week, mostly weird things I want to try and use on my YouTube Channel. Some of it is useful to me personally but other things are more for a “Does this thing really work” kind of series. It’s cheaper than buying it at full price so it’s a win.
  • Avoided the yellow stickers. I’m terrible for visiting the discount section in Asda on a DAILY basis to see what I can find. Most weeks this might add an extra £10+ on to the cost of the weekly shop just because it’s been reduced. It then sits in the freezer and will get used, eventually. This week I’ve made a point to not go in to Asda purely to see what has been discounted so I’ve saved that and managed to get the freezer contents down slightly.


Five fabulously frugal things I've done this week is a round up of where I've saved (or made) money on everyday life things.

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5 thoughts on “Five Fabulously Frugal Things I’ve Done This Week: 07/07/17”

  1. It’s funny how we can actually spend more on things just because they’re reduced! You’re right to moderate your yellow sticker shopping because of that 🙂 The savings on your travel tickets are really impressive, and I think the cake looks fantastic as well, I’d be super chuffed if I made that 😀


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