Skills You Should Have On Your Resume

As we grow into adulthood and climb the career ladder during our lives, we will always end up spending time and energy on gaining skills and qualifications which we can use to grow in both a personal and professional way. There are a lot of different things which we can do to impress prospective employers on our resume, and today we are going to have a look at some of the things you should put on your resume this year to make a good impression and gain the recognition you deserve when looking for a new job.

A second language

One of the best skills you can have for any business is the ability to speak more than one language. The reason for this is because a lot of companies want to have the opportunity to trade internationally, and in order for them to do this they need someone who can communicate with foreign businesses and clients in a useful way. If you are able to join a school such as the Cursos de Inglés and learn a new language or two, you could be in good stead to be invaluable for a business, and this can make you a huge asset.

Volunteer work

One of the things which an employer likes to see in their workers is more than their skills and qualifications, but the personal skills they have in their life. If you have ever volunteered for a charity or helped to organise an event, make sure to add this to your resume. It proves that you are willing to go the extra mile for a good cause and it also shows initiative and dedication which are both things which an employer wants from their workers.

Computer skills

In this day and age, using a computer and having skills in technology is something which can help you massively when it comes to finding a job. If you have some basic computer skills such as using Microsoft Word and Excel, make sure to add this to your CV. if you have ever used any other types of software on the computer such as Photoshop, a CRM system or a financial system, be sure to add these too because this can count in your favour when people are looking for a new team member.

Independent study

It is always good for any prospective employer to see that you have made actions in your own time to study and gain your own qualifications and skills. This can include learning a language or completing an online course and it will show the employer that you are able to manage your own time and you have the ability to work alone efficiently. This can build an element of trust because your employer will be happy to let you get on with your own projects as they know you will work well.


Cooking, photography, walking… any hobby is a good thing to add to your resume because this build up who you are as a person as well as a worker and it can be something which sways an employer to hire you over someone else.

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